"You Don't Need No Teeth to Eat Our Meat!"

Yeah, it just gets better from there. Honey Bear's BBQ has been a favorite in our family since I can remember. If you are a vegetarian, well, this is probably not going to appeal to you. If you love meat, or even if you slightly like it, this place is heavenly.

I have to admit we usually pick up and take out. One thing I love is that they use mostly foil for the take out food. After a quick rinse it all goes in the recycle bin. I'm always looking for that green spin, you know.

Now on to the food. The meat is amazingly tender and the sauce is perfect. It has just enough bite to be interesting but not enough to overpower all the wonderful flavors. I personally love the sandwiches, but my husband devours the ribs. On Fridays, their catfish is out of this world. I have often had southern catfish looking for Honey-Bear's, but have never found a substitute. It melts in your mouth.

The sides are yummy and taste like that side dish your aunt to bring to your picnic. You know the homemade kind that leave an empty bowl at the end of the party? We'll, that's how these sides are.

The desserts are perfect. and simple. Peach cobbler and sweet potato pie are the only two sweets they and the only two the need. These desserts are the poster children of the best tasting southern dessert favorites. The peach cobbler is sweet, I have to tell you, but so worth it.

The prices are very reasonable for a family night out. Please give them try. I love that they are a part of my neighborhood. Visit their website for menus, pricing, and even online ordering.


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