Are You Ready for Rain in Phoenix?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Storms over Phoenix"]Storm in Phoenix[/caption]

A few summers ago our back room flooded during that storm that took out the Cardinals training facility - the bubble one. So now we are more aware of just how vulnerable any house can be to flooding, especially here in the Valley. Here are a few things to consider with rain in Phoenix.

1. Have some sand bags ready. You never know when your house may flood. Keep two to four sand bags ready to at least keep water from coming in through the doors.

3. Have flashlights and candles available in every room. The saint candles, found at most supermarkets and dollar stores, seem to be the safest and most reliable. They are meant for long term burning and pose less of a fire hazard than typical emergency candles. Also, keep some extra batteries available for flashlights.

4. Think about your needs should you loose electricity. I know it may seem crazy for some transplants from colder regions, but it can get cold in Phoenix. During winter storms, you may need to have heavy blankets on stand by. This is less of a concern during the summer, when keeping cool is the goal and handmade paper fans are your best friend.

5. Think about food. Should you loose power, you will want to keep the fridge closed to maintain your food supply and electric ovens will not be operating. Make sure to have pantry items that do not requiring cooking. This is especially important for children and babies.

6. Have the number for your utility companies available or, better yet, add them to your cell phone. You will be able to report outages and sometimes will get an estimate of when services may be returned. For SRP, call 602-236-8811. For APS, call 602-371-7171.

Here are some additional links and helpful information for storm readiness in the Valley.

Visit NOAA's Phoenix site for some of the best weather forecasting and current weather alerts.

Arizona Family offered a few tips on how to get your car rain ready.

Phoenix Fire Department is also offering sand for sand bags on a limited basis. Here's a link to which stations have the sand and/or bags.You can also call 602-495-5555 for more information.


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