Tom Leveen at Changing Hands Bookstore's Yallapalooza Event

Local writer Tom Leveen writes as if he crawls into the minds of his young adult audience to relive his own teen angst. Much like young adult favorites like Judy Blume, his writing shuns condescension replacing it with understanding and apathy for the real world of the young adult.

His book, Party, is set to sail on April 27th, but Tom is scheduled to appear at Changing Hands bookstore this weekend for their Yallapalooza event. This Young Adult Literature showcase includes several local writers, as well as, some talented chaps from L.A. There will be games, music, book signings, pizza and prizes. If you are a young adult, or you know a young adult, or you wish you were still a young adult, you should attend.

The party starts this Saturday at 4:00pm and runs until 7:00pm. Changing Hands is located at 6428 S McClintock Drive in
Tempe. Here's is the link for more information.

Here's the link to his website. His book can be pre-ordered online, but it's better if you buy it through a local independent bookstore, like Changing Hands.


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