The Macallan Whiskey Tasting in Phoenix Was Informative

Entrance to the Madison Event Center in Phoenix

While I've never been a hard liquor type of gal, I have always found whiskey so intriguing. When I received an invitation from the Macallan's PR firm to attend a whiskey tasting in Phoenix, I jumped at the chance to check out what it's all about. Fortunately, I learned everything I need to know to hold my own against whiskey drinkers.

The magical gold coin needed to enter the magical world of Whiskey.

First of all, any event is going to be more interesting when a gold coin is need to gain entrance. The Macallan event required each of its participants to offer up one of these magical golden coins.

The 15-year-old Macallan offered an apparant difference when a splash of water was added.

The evening offered five different whiskeys from various years. A presentation offered information not only about the Macallan whiskey brand, but whiskey in general and a history of Scotland. Appetizers were served before hand and they were quite delicious melting very well into the whiskey tasting. While I have had an Irish coffee on occasion, I actually found a whiskey that I could find myself ordering. The 15-year-old Macallan was quite mellow with a splash of water and, with time, I might be able to possibly develop a palate for others.

All in all the event was fun because I was able to bring three guests with me. I received the information I needed and was able to explore a world I had never really visited. I thank Macallan for the opportunity. Their site is very informative and their mailing list updates readers on upcoming local events so follow this link to become a part of the Macallan experience.


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