Mushrooms from the Yelp in Bloom Event Direct Dinner Tonight

Buckwheat coated chicken breast with mushrooms in pearl barley and culinary trinity.

My husband and I went to the Yelp in Bloom event at the Desert Botanical Gardens last night. While the event offered several culinary tastes, one booth offered a take home goody that helped decide dinner this evening. Peddler's Son Produce was there offering dehydrated Misty Mountain dried shitake mushrooms all the way from Yamhill, Oregon. I didn't catch her name, but the woman at the booth was so friendly. She also offered information on their wine making supplies. How fun does that sound? I'll research that more and get back to you.

Shitakes from Misty Mountain
My daughter likes watching Giada in the morning and today's show highlighted an Osso Bucco-like turkey breast. Since I still had some chicken breasts from Fresh & Easy, I decided to do the same but with a different bird. I also used buckwheat flour with a little regular flour for health reasons. We're trying to be good and conscious about what we eat.

I mixed the two flours with a little red pepper powder and ground black pepper and dredged the chicken breasts until sufficiently coated. I then seared the breasts in a bit of olive oil until golden brown, although not totally cooked through.

Chicken cooking in an olive oil spray

I removed the breasts and added chopped onions, carrots and celery to the pan with a little of the water/wine  I had re-hydrated the mushrooms in. You have to make sure to get all that baked on goodness that sticks to the bottom of the pan. Let that simmer until it's all soft and then add the chicken breasts back. I added more of the water/wine and popped the pan in a 350 degree oven.

Shitake dried mushrooms

Rehydrating shitakes in water and red wine

The trinity: onions, carrots and celery
Then, I took the Fresh & Easy Pancetta and fried it in a sauce pan until lightly crispy and then removed it to another pan. I then added 3 cups water to the pancetta drippings and let boil. This was for the barley. In the pancetta pan I added the re-hydrated mushrooms I added chopped.

I added the rest of the water/wine to the mushrooms and pancetta and let simmer on low. Meanwhile the barley was added to the boiling water while the chicken continued to bake in the oven. This dinner took about 45 minutes.


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