Why Has It Taken Me So Long to Visit Geordie's at Wrigley Mansion?

Salmon Salad -Lunch at Geordie's at Wrigley Mansion

Ah yes, the prices. I knew if I went I would fall in love. I went and I did fall...hard. What broke my heart though, was the fact that Geordie's does a pay-what-it's-worth lunch. For over two years I had thought this fairy tale destination was beyond my reach, but alas, it's a dream come true.

Due to the economic hardships of many Phoenicians, Geordie's decided to help out and allowing patrons to pay what they think their lunch is worth. Brilliantly, this also cleared a path for new patrons who may have shied away from the budget restraints associated with an establishment like Geordie's. After having a lunch, I can tell you quite honestly, we are now saving up for future visits to experience both their dinners and brunches. Geordie's was that good.

Let me just tell you about my lunch. The food is so masterfully prepared and your taste buds will stand up and cheer with such excitement that you'll pay every dime that dish is worth. I had a delicious Salmon salad that was drizzled with a light dressing and the most beautiful soft boiled egg I've ever seen. The egg in itself was to be treasured. The salmon was perfectly prepared with a delightful amount of seasoning and cooked to flaky perfection. The color was gorgeous as well, blending in beautifully with the bed of greens, shallots and capers.

My mom had the french fries with truffle oil. I don't think much explanation of how perfect these were is needed, but I will say they are on my list of top french fries ever. The tender insides were protected by crispy outsides decorated with truffle oil and Parmesan. They were superb. She had the fish sandwich was perfect as well.

Dessert was as good as could be imagined. We chose the apple tartan and berries and cream to share. I could easily have devoured both and not felt one ounce of guilt. The tartan was the perfect combination of light and airy puff pastry and a charming amount of sweetness and spices that melted into the perfectly crisp apples. The berries and cream was simplicity in the sexiest sense possible.

The pictures tell the perfect tale and only a visit will allow you the culinary delights that mere words could never explain. I hope you'll enjoy a visit during your next lunch hour. As always, if you go, please tell them Phoenix Neighborhood Blogger sent you.

Geordie's Restaurant and Lounge offers menus for lunch, dinner, lounge fare and brunch. Their website offers a sampling of each menu, but know that it changes. The Wrigley Mansion is located at 2501 East Telama Trail in Phoenix and directions and map can be found at this link. For reservations, call 602-955-4079. They offer special services for events and business meetings which can be scheduled through their event coordinator at 602-955-4079.

Visit this slide show for a photo journey of my lunch time adventure at Geordie's.


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