BoSa Donuts in Scottsdale Opens Bringing Happiness to Saturday Morning

Free coffee and donut = happy Saturday BoSa

This weekend BoSa Donuts opened a shop in Scottsdale at 7444 E. McDowell Road and my weekends will never be the same. I had heard they were offering up a free donut and coffee as part of their grand opening festivities, so my poor social service-working husband and I thought we'd check it out. We hit the jackpot with this place.

Breakfast croissant from BoSa Donuts

As soon as we walked in we saw these huge croissants and a sign that $2.39 would buy us a ham and cheese croissant. Now, these aren't those stale nasty croissants that delis and bakeries schlep with scant a resemblance to a true croissant. These were perfection. I make a damn fine croissant, so I know good croissants. These were divine in the flakiest sense of bakery delight. The filling was simply a slice of ham lunch meat and some melted cheese, but it all fell to the backdrop while this perfect croissant graciously took center stage.

Delicious flaky croissant BoSa donuts

Their coffee was very good and absolute heaven after a little too much wine last night. Thankfully this BoSa Donut visit seemed to cure all that. We were each given a free donut so I chose a chocolate donut while hubby indulged in a long john. They were amazing. Fluffy cloud-like sweet bread with the perfect amount of sweetness in the chocolate glaze. Those other donut shops out there should be ashamed of what they sell. We will be going back because apparently they have a Buttermilk Bar that is heaven-sent and there's a few other goodies begging to come live with us, at least temporarily.

There is no way to explain the pillowy yumminess of a BoSa donut

Their business cards claim, "Best Donuts in Town" and I have to agree. It also says they are open 7 days a week while the sign gave their hours from 5am to 10pm. You had better get over there because a coffee and donut can be yours for free until April 13th. A dozen donuts are $6.99 but you should be completely satisfied with a half dozen for $3.99...or splurge, why not?


  1. I myself have always found this combo to comfort me post drinking. Although it can also be tricky because if the quality is not there.....well, that's just an invite for making quite a mess on oneself. Thanks for this post Vivi.


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