America's Taco Shop is Mexican Done So Very Well

America's Taco Shop Tacos Pastor
America's tacos pastor with two delicious salsas.

America's Taco Shop is so good I've had to return several times. I guess it's safe to say that the place is addictive. My love for America's food started when my lovely friend, Eduarda, brought me an order of the Tacos Pastor. These delicious treats were like no other tacos I had ever tasted. Made with a corn tortilla filled with guacamole, pastor, pineapple, tomato salsa, cilantro and cabbage, the taste is so fresh and sweet that you immediately need another. It comes with two salsas: one a more traditional version and the other a sweet one. Both complimented the tacos perfectly.  I have to admit, these lovely tacos are the result of a car ride in their paper bag and still they looked and tasted delicious.

America's Taco Shop Beans with cheese
America's gorgeous beans with cheese.

My next visit was with my husband who I had saved a taco pastor for and who was thrilled with a new indie restaurant to try. We had tried to go to Gallo Blanco one night, but the wait had our stomachs screaming for nourishment so I decided to take hubby to America's.  We got there late, so we missed out on the ceviche, but we were able to get their beans, salsa and guacamole with chips. Had these items been placed in my bowls I could have sworn they were homemade by yours truly. They are just simple, delicious and very satisfying.

America's Taco Shop beans, guacamole and salsa with chips
The trifecta of yumminess: Guacamole, salsa and beans with chips.

I must also report that America's chips are wonderful. They are thick enough to take on the beans and guacamole, but delicate enough to provide that perfect crunch I favor in tortilla chips. 

America's Taco Shop Vampiro
America's carne asada Vampiro

I, again, had to revisit America's a try the carne asada Vampiro which just has the most awesome name. The name, however, fails to represent the absolute perfection of this item. A vampire sucks blood, energy, whatever, but this nourishing morsel gives so much joy and happiness. The Vampiro is a corn tortilla with melted Monterrey jack cheese, guacamole, carne asada, shredded lettuce and caramelized onions. The way the lettuce is shredded makes my senses explode with the fabulous textures it and the carne asada provide. It's perfect.

America's Taco Shop Elote
America's elote.

I have also tried the superb elote that consists of a sweet ear of corn with mayonnaise and cheese. It comes with a nice vinegar salsa, much like my beloved Pato Sauce, and lime. I don't even want to think about what I must have looked like eating it, but I don't care. It was the most wonderful mix of sweet and savory.  A little dip here and there of the salsa provided the perfect compliment of spice to the delicious corn. 

America has two taco shops, one on 7th street and one on 7th Avenue, and both offer some of the best Mexican food the Valley has seen yet. One trip to her taco shops and you'll opt for eating your left foot before visiting Taco Bell or any other Mexican fast food chain. Hell, I don't see myself going to most sit-down joints when her lovely patio is perfect even in sunny Phoenix. With their self proclaimed best carne asada in the Valley for $2.25 per taco or a Vampiro at $3.25 there is no reason in the world to starve the body of these south-of-the-border treats. The beer here is cold and the in-house made horchata is rich and creamy. The gracious America also allows patrons to order online and pick up their order without the wait. Smart thinking!

America's Taco Shops can be found here:

Coronado District at 2041 N. 7th Street 602-682-5627

Melrose District at 4447 N. 7th Avenue 602-515-0856

So go eat there.

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