Breakfast Beat: Gallo Blanco at the Clarendon Hotel in Central Phoenix

Naco Torta at Gallo Blanco
Gallo Blanco's Naco Torta

You know, I just get so excited when I find a restaurant that cares as much about the environment and the local economy as I do. A few weeks back I talked about the fabulous Essence Bakery and Cafe which makes green business a refreshing part of their daily grind. Well now I crow the praises of Gallo Blanco, an eclectic eatery at the Clarendon Hotel. This place is perfection; from the wonderful food to the creative and fun atmosphere. Gallo Blanco has a heavy Mexican food vibe that delicately tears down the stereotypes of what Mexican food has come to mean here in the states.

Gallo Blanco Horchata
Gallo Blanco's Horchata (rice drink)
Gallo Blanco Liquido Platano

  Gallo Blanco's liquido (smoothie)

It's so important to remember that traditional Mexican fare is often healthy and usually includes copious amounts of fresh produce. Gallo Blanco proves this with aguas frescas and liquidos made from fresh seasonal fruits and spectacularly fresh, local grown veggies. They also make handmade horchata that is simple, yet delicious. The sickening sweet horchata of many restaurants stands out as garish and horrifying after tasting the real thing.

Gallo Blanco Naco Torta
Gallo Blanco's delicious Naco Torta

Gallo Blanco's delicious Naco Torta is a balanced masterpiece of perfectly seasoned meat, perfectly cooked eggs, creamy avocados and supurb torta bread. It all meshes into a mess of goodness that will have you licking your fingers like a toddler with a sundae.

Crepes at Gallo Blanco
Gallo Blanco's crepes with fresh fruits and creme fraiche.

The crepes were light with a perfect crisp which gave way to a delightfully tender texture that married perfectly with the fresh fruit piled on top. The creme fraiche offered a sweet flavor but was not over whelming. Many may not know that there is a lot of French influence in many Mexican dishes. I was surprised and thrilled to see crepes on their menu. They've always been a favorite in our home.

Gallo Blanco Chilaquiles
Gallo Blanco's Chilaquiles Verdes

The chilaquiles verdes were extraordinary and reminded me of something a nana in Mexico would make for a special birthday breakfast. Getting a serenade of Mananitas and this at my table would be pure heavenly delight. The chicken verde was perfect for a morning meal with just enough spice for zest and flavor, but not enough to cause intestinal discomfort throughout the work day. The eggs were tender with firm whites and beautifully runny yokes. The Mexican cheese offered just enough decadence and flavor but allowed everything to mingle to perfection in every bite.

Chilaquiles come in different types, flavors and spices dependent on the area of Mexico it comes from and even the family that makes it. Gallo Blanco's chilaqulies were a nice blend of spice and sweetness from what seems to be very fresh chilies. Of course the fresh queso blanco added the perfect tang and texture while the pico the gallo offered another layer of freshness.

Gallo Blanco Guacamole
Gallo Blanco Guacamole and Chips

I'm such a snob when it comes to guacamole. I make a damn good guacamole, so I find some of the prices for this green dream to be pretty crazy. However, from talking to friends, I understand that not everyone can make this avocado goodness, so to each his own. Hell, I think $5 is pushing it in price, but with avocado prices creeping up higher and higher each season, I totally get it. Here at Gallo Blanco, their $7 yummy guacamole is well worth it. Served with crisp tortilla chips, which are perfectly sliced in thinner strips making them perfect for dipping and eating daintily. Their guacamole offers delicious chunks of avocado and surprises the palate with sweet slices of orange. It's topped with cilantro and that wonderful queso fresco.

Gallo Blanco is located at the Clarendon Hotel at 3rd Avenue in Phoenix. They have an uncomplicated website with down loadable menus and links to their social networks.

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  1. Gallo Blanco is a great place. Premium food in a refreshing and unpretentious package, Doug Robson definitely struck the right nerve--breakfast to dessert. I used to eat there quite regularly, but am ashamed to admit I haven't found my way back in far too long. It needs to get back in heavy rotation.

    Anyway, good post!


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