Urban Farming: Eating Fresh in a City

Fresh egg and strawberries
An egg fresh from our chicken and strawberries from the garden.

Okay, maybe it's not a farm, per se, but we have a chicken and a few gardens around our home. We had three chickens, but father time took two away and now we have one spoiled lady left. And although those strawberries look beautiful, you are not seeing the pip squeak berries that are more readily found in our garden. Still, the flavor is exquisite and at least I know they are free of harmful pesticides and Lord knows what else.

Home grown carrots
My daughter's pride and joy, home grown carrots.

While being healthier and more eco-friendly are great reasons to raise your own produce, it's what it teaches children that makes it priceless. My daughter started her gardening career as an infant. She would snuggle up in my wrap while I pruned, planted and picked flowers and veggies. As a babe I would lay her on a blanket and she would watch all nature scurry by while I primed and prepped our garden. Once she was mobile, she took over watering and planting and continues to grow some of the most gorgeous veggies and flowers I've ever seen.

Gardening teaches responsibility. It teaches appreciation and respect for Madre Earth and spiritually comforts us in feeling we are not alone. My daughter's love of nature and fairies is so strong that no peer has been able to shake her beliefs. In fact, she has actually brought a few non-believers on board. Most importantly, gardening instills pride in my daughter. Seeing her face as she rushes into the house with her vegetables is just about the coolest thing I have seen in all my life.

With or without children, gardening is truly something to try regardless of where you lay your roots. Apartments offer a fun opportunity to try patio gardens while most homes have a yard big enough for a plentiful harvesting garden. Please send in photos of your garden or stories of things you have grown. I'd love to share them here and learn from all of you.


  1. I'll share my photos, how do you do it?

  2. SOunds like a fun activity for the family to share...trouble is, not all the members are keen so ended up we have a backyard that looks like a jungle instead, sigh!


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