Free Feel Good Advice: Donate to Hospice of the Valley

Make a wish and blow.

My birthday is coming up and I am not one of those people who despises another year. At 35 I am cowering from dying my hair anymore and even as gray hairs draw a little nervousness, getting my ID checked at bars and the store makes it all good. However, I am a simple gal who has everything I've really ever wanted so I feel pangs of guilt at the thought of loved ones buying me gifts. I have a wonderful family, great friends, a home and the means to make our lives comfortable. I don't really need anything. This year when hubby asked what I wanted to do to celebrate I had a different request than year's past. I've asked hubby to have a fundraiser birthday party for me to gather donations for Hospice of the Valley.

I know the economy is hard and very few people have money they can part with. That's why this is a great idea. Hospice has a list of needs that anybody could donate to. That's what I love about them. Many non-profits focus on monetary donations and that's just an area in which many of us can't participate. But when organizations allow us to donate items, well that opens up a whole new stream of hope that everyone can partake in. It's easier for a person to simply pick up an extra deodorant or pack of granola bars at the store than to write a check for $20. Sometimes we have received two of the same movies as gifts. Instead of exchanging it, why not donate the extra one? Now if you have the $20 to donate than by all means do it, but why not buy an extra shampoo if it won't put you out?

Why did I choose Hospice of the Valley? It was an easy choice. A while back a friend of mine spoke so highly of Hospice of the Valley and how they were amazing when her mother was in the last stages of cancer. When discussing some of the saddest moments possible for a daughter to go through with her mother, she always had this peace that I found beautiful and intriguing. I believe that her experience with hospice had much to do with it. Well, that in addition to her personality and her amazing mother. Every person I've come across who has benefited from Hospice of the Valley has had nothing but amazing things to say. To have such a sad time in their lives be expressed with such peace and happiness says a lot about this organization. I also have personal reasons and I know I'm paying back a debt that can never be payed in full.

I'd like all of my readers to enjoy my birthday celebration as well this year. I hope you will donate and offer a huge show of support for Hospice of the Valley. Would you like to know what they are looking for? Great! Here's a list taken from their site.

New Items Needed:
• Movies (DVDs only, no VHS please): children, comedies, old westerns, Rat
Pack, recent titles that are PG, PG-13 or G (no R-rated; can be gently used)
• Coffee, plain or flavored creamers, hot teas
• Snacks (prepackaged)
• Sippy cups
• Nicely scented lotions
• Deodorizing sprays, like Arm and Hammer Commercial (hard to find in stores, but available on Need brands and scents that are not too strong.
• Bounce fabric sheets.
• Personal care items (fingernail files, nail clippers, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, Gillette aftershave, men’s razors, men’s deodorant, body sprays)
• Blow dryers, curling irons, electric razors
• Men’s pajama bottoms and ladies’ housecoats
• Disposable cameras
• Large print books (Reader’s Digest, magazines)
• Magazines (current issues such as Time, Newsweek, People, Better Homes & Gardens, Sports Illustrated, Highways for Kids. Also any publications in Spanish. Actual magazine subscriptions
• Newspaper subscriptions (local papers, USA Today, New York Times, Wall
Street Journal)
• CD players (for patient rooms and home visits)
• Combo DVD/VCR players
• TV’s (plasma 19”)
• Rocking chairs (for inside and outside)
• Small refrigerator

They can also use new and unused toys for children visiting inpatient hospice homes. Think about
blocks, dolls, books, decks of cards and card games. They request no stuffed animals and dolls and toys should not have small parts that could be unsafe for children under age 3 and should be easily
cleaned and sterilized.

Please contact the Fund Development Department at 602-530-6992 to coordinate donations. If you donate, please shoot me an email and tell me about it. It will make my birthday one of the best if I find out you helped with this fundraiser.



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