Looking for Cheap Vietnamese Cuisine? Davang Delivers

My noodles mixed up at Davang in Phoenix
Noodles with coconut milk, cucumbers, lettuce, water sprouts and pork

A few weeks ago my husband and I were at a loss for dinner choices. So, I plugged in vietnamese and Phoenix in the old Google to see what we got. Davang Coffee Shop looked promising although I wondered about the coffee shop thing. It turns out you can be treated to a quite filling and delicious dinner for under $20 and that was for both of us.

Thai tea at Davang in Phoenix
Thai Tea

I was delighted that they sold my Thai tea. I know it's not totally authentic, but it felt cool to see the same brand that I pick up at the Chinese Cultural Center. They also sell boba tea, which I am known to indulge in on occasion.

soup toppings Davang in Phoenix
Toppings for soup: Basil, water sprouts and chilis

My husband ordered a meatball soup which was tasty, but he did add lots of hot sauce and the chilis. I don't think their items are particularly spicy, so if you are used to Thai cuisine than just add any of the sauces they have on the table. They also offered sauces for dipping the spring rolls.

pork and shrimp spring rolls at Davang in Phoenix
Spring rolls with shrimp and pork

Okay, these spring rolls were very tasty and pretty healthy but the texture had us giggling. They are very... tacitly similar to male genitalia. Maybe I'm very middle school in this area, but it made for some good fun while waiting for our main courses, which wasn't that long of a wait mind you. I was amazed by how perfectly the shrimp was cooked and the lettuce and mint were perfectly crisp. Of course they were just gorgeous to look at.

sticky noodles with coconut milk at Davang in Phoenix
Sticky noodles with coconut milk

My dish was a little to milky for me. I know that sounds crazy, so why did I order the one with coconut milk? Well, I love coconut milk and I love peanuts and cucumbers so I thought this was a good choice. I did, however, finding myself adding a lot of hot sauce to get more than just the creaminess of the coconut milk. Even after mixing it up it still seemed over powered by the milk. I just pushed as much of that aside as possible and voila, it's all good. I probably wouldn't get this again but would be thrilled, I'm sure, with any of the other noodle dishes. Really, anything here is going to be good and the staff are friendly and efficient.

Davang gave us good food, a good time and all for under $20 so this is a real find! It is located at 4538 North 19th Avenue in Phoenix and is the west side of the street in a strip mall. When you're hungry and poor, this place is sure to bring a smile.


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