Winfield's Cafe Rocks as Coffee Shop and Chill Palace

Winfield's Cafe Mocha equals deliciousness.

I make it known that I'm very pro-small business and non-profits deserve my highest level of respect. So, when I heard about Winfield's in Scottsdale, well I was beaming with anticipation. Winfield's Cafe is run through the First Baptist Church of Scottsdale. It's located in a nice neighborhood just west of downtown Scottsdale. Where you might think of a make shift coffee stand in some unused corner of the church's campus, you'd be deceived finding instead a gorgeous coffee house. Starbucks, be afraid, be very afraid.

Where the magic happens at Winfield's
Area for poets to entertain and bands to play

Winfield's is an expansive cafe with lots of nooks for relaxing over some coffee or stressing over a laptop using their free Wi-Fi. The cafe offers many events throughout the year including poetry readings, bands, singers and other top notch performances. The talent that comes through these doors is pretty spectacular for such a hidden gem. I've personally enjoyed literature readings and music from some impressive local entertainers. The place does get packed, but it's a homey atmosphere with everyone making room for one more guest.

Winfield's little marketplace
Winfield's also offers handmade treasures.

Of course this just got my crafty soul soaring. Winfield's has an area set up to sell handmade items from local artists and for groups raising money for various causes. One of the running themes was fund raising for Haiti. There was jewelry, candles and even wood-turned pens, which were stunning. Inventory is always changing and it would be a great place to do some holiday shopping for great causes.

Winfield's help board

Winfield's message board

Ah, the message board. I love how indie shops support others with the infamous message board. What I loved here is how much of the board was garnering support for causes. If you are an artist or freelancer, you know these boards are our best friends. Just make sure to ask for permission before adding to the board.

Winfield's bakery treats
Winfield's bagels and muffins

On to the yummy stuff. Winfield's has really good coffee which means any of the specialty drinks are delicious. I have had a cafe mocha, a regular ol' coffee and hot chocolate and they were all delicious. They also have lots of refreshing cold drinks for the summer. In the winter you can warm yourself with hot beverages by their comfy warm fire. Seriously, the positives for this place go on and on.

Winfield's pastry
Apple pastry

Their baked goods are quite tasty. You know how some well-known coffee houses charge a fortune for stale treats that were probably made months ago in a land far away? Not at Winfield's, oh no, their tasty treats are fresh and delicious. I had a breakfast bagel which was big and filling while my husband had a sweet and flaky apple pastry. I visited a few church rummage sales in my day and they always had the best home baked goodies. That's what their food reminds me of. You're sure to find a tasty treat on their menu.

So go visit. The coffee is wonderful, the food is good and the atmosphere is charming and comfortable. I'm not a member of their church, but I love their concept of running a coffee shop as a way giving back to the neighborhood and, hopefully, making some money for charity. There is something so old-fashioned and yet wonderfully modern about it. For neigh-sayers and skeptics who may be worried about an uber-religious atmosphere, you'll be hard pressed to find someone "pushing" religion on you here. It's simply a happy cafe run by a church with a brilliant marketing plan. It is non-profit so any money made goes to local food pantries and homeless shelters. Their core goals basically promote service to others and that's something we all can appreciate.

Winfield's is located in Scottsdale at 7025 East Osborn Road. Their calendar of events is pretty busy so check on it often.


  1. I absolutely love places like that! And seriously, I want that apple pastry!

    My mom's church rummage sale has the best baked goods too.

  2. From one Phoenix foodie (cooking at home) to another, I'm your newest follower. Found you through Food Buzz. :)


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