Maui Dogs Brings New Life to the Wiener

Maui Dog
Just when you think you've heard of everything, a hot dog with tropical fixin's comes along and blows your mind. Maui Dogs opened this summer and brought a great eatery offering amazing tastes for those on a hot dog budget. Now, I am going to try and give an overview of the basic offerings, but you should definitely peruse the menu because it's pretty interesting. I would also ask for help if you're a first time visitor because everyone there is so amiably enthusiastic. The laid back atmosphere might frighten those who are use to being fawned over, but if you want to feel like you're kicking back at an Island eatery, this is the place for you.

Their sliders are really good and very different from those little guys down the street - a relief since I'd hate to promote competition. They are bit reminiscent of our own house burgers, and this is a compliment because hubby and I are both homemade burger enthusiasts. Maui Dogs' trademark sweet rolls make all the difference and their bread is always fresh and dough-licious.

Maui Sliders
Just as with their namesake dogs, the sliders have several combinations to choose from. The sweet and spicy is super delicious and makes these little burgers stand out from most found around the Valley. The spicy mustard has become my standard.

Maui Dog
Here's another example of the fabulous dogs. This was my husband's with crispy bacon and shredded cheese. I have to admit that the various textures add to this delicacy just as much as the flavors.

Maui Fries
Their fries are quite good but Maui Dogs also offer some mighty fine tater tots. Of course I dress mine up with a little Tabasco sauce; the true sign of class in a place. And the real surprise was their coleslaw which became a favorite instantly with its pineapple and coconut. Who knew those two little ingredients could add such dazzle to a usually mediocre accompaniment.

Maui Slaw
Of course they also offer Hawaiian shaved ice with crazy amounts of flavors to choose from. I would really like to see this place stick around. The predecessors never fared well and this place deserves all the attention it can get. Please give them a try and let them know I sent you.


  1. Pity Phoenix is on the other side of the world! Would love to visit this cool place!

  2. Yes, well someone who can bake her own sourdough isn't suffering too much. :) That mushroom soup looked delicious as well.


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