Sa Bai Brings New Thai to an Old Wendy's

Pad thai delish

In a world where mom and pop shops are disappearing like the dodo, it is so refreshing to have an indie take over an old Wendy's. Sa Bai offers an intriguing, yet traditionally comforting menu with wiggle room to get their groove on. One of the things I love about these types of eateries is that they can change to fit the needs and desires of the clientele. After reading some reviews on Yelp, I decided the place I visited was very different from the one that opened a few weeks before. Methinks the owners are good listeners and working to adapt to diners. It has already found a spot on our list of favorites.



Gorgeous wood floors

I have to spend a little time on the decor because this Wendy's was a family favorite so I'm amazed at the transformation. The floors are just gorgeous and the atmosphere is very comfortable. Wood does that, I think, it makes surroundings feel homey.


This use to be a Wendy's

Most Wendy's have similar layouts, so think of that when you look at the redone entrance. The decor is not overdone, just simple and inviting.


Thai tea and orangeade

My husband had an orangeade and I had to have the Thai tea. This stuff is like crack for me. Their version was delicious and I tried very hard to pace myself and not gulp it all down like a lactose intolerant kid with a gallon of chocolate milk and no parental supervision. Huh?! Look, it was just really good.


Spring rolls

Presentation gets an A+. Our spring rolls were very good and the sauce with peanuts put them over the top and superior to the average spring roll. The side salad there was not just for looks either, with such a delicious ginger dressing. We didn't lick the plate, but if no one was watching, we would have.


Satay chicken with peanut sauce

Their Satay chicken was so perfectly cooked that hubby and I had to spend a few moments reminiscing on when we had enjoyed chicken so wonderfully done. The sweet cucumber side paired with the spicy peanut sauce contrasted delightfully leaving light and sweet to playfully jab at heavy and creamy.


Sa Bai Pad Thai - blog post to come on PNB, but I had to share the goodness.

Their pad Thai with shrimp was quite a feat. Like the chicken, the shrimp was cooked just right. I love pad thai noodles so it's my standard at most Asian-fare restaurants. This was one of the best I have ever had and I've done San Francisco.


Seafood Curry

My husband had the seafood curry and again, there's a running theme with how well the seafood was done. I really am starting to believe we are being served poorly cooked proteins to the point that we forgot what well done was. Except for at home of course. I am a bit of a wimp, but the curry was such a luxurious mix of spicy, creamy and even a hint of sweet that I went back to it several times.


Besides offering delicious fare, the meals were beautiful. Our server was very friendly and helpful with meal choices. I actually learned recently that the owner is a friend of a culinary friend. Of course this thrills me that we gave them some business. However, it means I really, really need you to check them out now. You won't be sorry, this place is a real find.


Sa Bai is located at 4121 E. Thomas Road.


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